About (HGCM) Holy Ghost Celebration Ministries – Doug Eccles

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Doug, and his wife, Laurie, are passionate about souls! They are heavily involved in International Evangelism, taking healing and the power of the Holy Ghost to the nations. Doug and Laurie have taken the Gospel to over 40 countries via media and through Mass-Evangelism. Globally, through these miracle meetings, over 1 million individuals have come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. As a result of these meetings, many churches have been planted, and the previously established churches are greatly strengthened by their ministry. Doug and Laurie know personally the power of the Holy Ghost and bring that power with them as they minister around the world.


The day I was born, my parents’ dream seemingly died. I am sure that when I came out of my mother’s womb, she cried. I was born with a cleft palate, a hole in the roof of my mouth and my upper lip had a section missing. This was before the time when husbands were allowed in the birthing room. My father, a man of faith, came in with words of comfort as soon as he could. But even though their faith was in Christ Jesus, their dream had been crushed. My parents were given a bad report by the doctor. They were told I would not hear without some type of hearing apparatus and would not speak properly without years of speech therapy. They refused to believe the devil’s lie. They stood upon the word of God which says their “seed shall be blessed.” Thank God, they refused to rewrite their theology to accommodate their tragedy.

At age fifteen, while attending an Assemblies of God Youth Camp, I knew that God had called me to preach the Gospel. Although I was not antagonistic toward Jesus Christ, I did not respond to the call on my life at that time. At nineteen, while working a summer job, I decided to go to a camp meeting two and one half hours from my house. I wanted to get out of work early and knowing my boss was a Christian, I knew he would allow me to go. I was not really interested in hearing the Gospel, but I knew cute girls would be at the meeting. Little did I know, the minister, that night would preach on “the prodigal son.” He “read my mail.” He did not personally know me, yet by the Holy Spirit, he knew me. At the close of that service, I responded to the altar call and recommitted myself to Christ and accepted the call of God on my life. When I told my parents about being called to preach, they said they already knew but were waiting for God to bring it to pass. 

They then informed me that not only was I healed when Oral Roberts prayed for me at two months of age, but he prayed that I would preach the Gospel throughout the world. I have since proclaimed the Gospel in more than 40 nations, seeing hundreds of thousands of individuals come to know Jesus in these meetings. I was invited to give my testimony on television. I was so young when Oral Roberts prayed for me, I asked my dad to write down as many details as he could, and to provide me with pictures and doctors’ report. I wanted to be able to testify on the program as knowledgeably as possible. My dad sent an overnight package with the information. In the package was a letter written to my mother and dad, dated the year I was born. I thought the letter got into the package by mistake. It was from the division of foreign missions of the Assemblies of God. I opened the letter. It read, “Dear brother and sister Eccles, we are sorry to hear about your son. We understand you will not be coming to Africa as missionaries as planned.” 

I had never heard my parents talk about Africa, not even once. I immediately called my sister. She told me that our family was planning to go to the Congo as missionaries very shortly after I was born. Due to complications associated with my birth, my family did not go to Africa. The dream was crushed. The dream seemed dead. You’re never too dead for a resurrection. My parents’ dream is still alive in me. I have preached all over Africa via short-wave radio and mass-evangelism events. According to the Bible, Proverbs 6, when a thief is found, he must return seven-fold.

My parents’ dream was stolen, but the thief, the devil, is paying back with interest. When I talked to my dad about not going to Africa as a missionary, he said, “what the devil meant for bad, God turned for our good”. At the time my family would have arrived in the Congo, there was a revolution and political unrest. We would have lived in a compound with another missionary named Tucker. Guerrillas or terrorists came into that compound and took brother tucker and fed him to the crocodiles. Again, “what the devil meant for bad,” God turned for our good. My father was a pastor for 57 years. He is still active in ministry. Every time I minister in Africa, what my dad imparted into me is still producing great results.